Coding bootcamps have surged in popularity due to their ability to offer an intensive, focused, and accelerated learning experience in programming.

They provide a practical and hands-on approach to acquiring coding skills, often in a relatively short period compared to traditional academic programs.

This appeals to individuals seeking to transition into tech careers swiftly or enhance their existing skills without committing to the extended duration and expense of a formal degree.

Additionally, bootcamps often maintain close ties with industry, tailoring their curricula to match current market demands, which means graduates are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

The accessibility of online bootcamps further broadens their appeal, allowing learners from diverse backgrounds and locations to participate and democratizing access to high-demand tech skills.

Picking the Right Bootcamp For You

There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming for aspiring software engineers, data analysts, data scientists and other professionals to ensure they’re enrolling in the right bootcamp.

Featured lists from reputable publications can be a huge help, and Forbes recently listed their top bootcamps for 2023.

Their selection criteria focused on the following:

• Cost/Affordability
• The Student Experience
• Credibility
• Course Requirements

It’s safe to assume students searching for a coding bootcamp will have a similar set of conditions when selecting the right one for them.

At the top of their 2023 coding bootcamp list, Forbes selected Thinkful’s Bootcamps due to the comprehensive online software engineering program catering to both part-time and full-time students.

They said they liked how part-time learners benefit from a flexible, independent study approach, dedicating 20 to 30 hours weekly over six months. Meanwhile, full-time students engage in an accelerated cohort-based learning environment, committing 50 hours weekly and completing the program in five months.

On the “affordability side” of things, our diverse tuition payment options, including upfront, monthly, and deferred plans based on employment, enhanced accessibility.

They also like how graduates who face challenges securing relevant full-time positions can qualify for Thinkful's tuition refund program. And there are our available scholarships to help women and veterans in their pursuit of coding education.

From a credibility standpoint, they highlighted membership in the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). As they point out, this is integral to our commitment to transparently reporting program outcomes. In other words, honest reporting on:

• Graduation rates
• Job placements
• Projected salaries.

It’s an honor to be recognized, but the more significant endorsements come from you – the student. We’ve been fortunate to receive a lot of positive feedback and hear success stories from students over the years.

We hope this article helps you decide on the right coding bootcamp for you. Please know your decision doesn’t have to be limited to reading blog posts or reviews. If you’d like to talk to someone at Thinkful and ask any additional questions, contact us today.

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